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Upcoming Productions

 For the past few months, we have been producing a film called Wisher Maddox.  Wisher Maddox is about an orphan boy who discovers the ability to grant wishes, but he can’t grant his own wish. 


We are excited about this project, because not only is it an Oklahoma Film, but based in Southwest Oklahoma.  We have a local cast, filming at local locations and a crew made up of current and former students from the Great Plains Technology Center Video Production Class.


We are trying to raise $5000.  Since we are almost done with the production phase of the film, the money raised will go into some of the postproduction costs like color, score and special effects along with Festival Costs. But mostly we want to pay some of the cast and crew more than what we budgeted.


We are excited about this film and want you to join the excitement.  So, there will be donation perks, but we are also taking this opportunity that 20% of the money raised will be donated to Tipton Children’s Home.  Since the themes of our film deal with adoption and kids finding a home we want to help in a practical way.   


So whether you donate a $1 or a $100 you will join us on this wonderful journey.

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